What are the benefits of Aqua bike and Japanese sauna, wellness session at velocity studio?

water cycling experience

If you are looking for a workout session or gym to shed your calories and give you a fresh look and feel. Then you reach the destination. Yes, the velocity studio provides you wellness environment you like most. You can tone your body and rejuvenate your skin by taking wellness sessions at Velocity studio. It can be customized based on your requirement like you can either take aquabike or Japanese sauna separately or in combination.

Benefits of Aquabike workout

This 30-minute water cycling experience gives a new experience and takes you to next level.  You can take a private session or can combine it with your friend using duo cabins. It is a very easy and simple workout. You are provided underwater cycling with jet massages.

  1. Reduce water withholding in your legs. It gives a lighter feel and more relaxation.
  2. No sweat at the workout as the temperature of the water is so cool.
  3. Rejuvenate yourself with oxygenated water
  4. Improve the strength and performance of your heart and lungs
  5. No bulky gym wear and crowded showers are required.

Benefits of Japanese Sauna

If you extend your workout session another 30 minutes with japanese sauna therapy, then it is ensuring that you will feel completely relaxed and revitalized. This session is used for your body purification.  It uses the latest infrared spa technology to trigger the body’s natural purification process to remove toxins by penetrating deep into your skin.

  1. It reduces your weight effortlessly
  2. Enhance your blood circulation and relax muscles and joint pains
  3. Improve the quality of sleep and free from stress
  4. Reduce water retention in your body
  5. Improve your immunity
  6. Reduce cellulite and cure orange peel skin