Ways to face life when you feel overwhelmed

Life is never easy. Even at the best times you can face periods where you feel overwhelmed. The important thing is that you do not lose objectivity or allow pessimism to be completely installed. It is natural, and even healthy, to feel sad, angry or depressed. What is not normal is to stay in that state.

So, this time we want to give you some Practical Psychology tips to face those moments and to be able to move forward. You will see that they are not magic formulas, but simple changes of attitude.

1. Be generous

We already know that when you feel overwhelmed the first thought is related to what you lack and what you need. However, being generous is a food for the soul.

Instead of stopping to think that you lack the time, money or problems you have at home, look for an option to help another.

Our recommendation is to give something to a total stranger. You do not need to give a large sum of money. What’s more, you do not even need to give money. Maybe you meet someone who is carrying many bags or who cannot cross the street.

Helping in this way proves that, even if life goes beyond you, you can always do something for othersThe feeling that is left in the end is phenomenal.

2. Sit and watch people

One of the biggest drawbacks when you feel overwhelmed is that you focus only on yourself and your problems. Next time you feel like this, try going to a park or cafe where there is a lot of people traffic.

Take a seat and watch the people. But look, we have said observe not only see. That is, give yourself the time to look at a person and imagine who he is. Look at his face and think about how his life can be.

This exercise will help you remember how children smile and what makes them happy. You can also see people with expressions of sadness or anger, you are even likely to witness some unpleasant situation and you cannot do anything.

You do not need to talk to anyone or try to solve the problems of others. This simply observing exercise will help you to be more aware of your limits, but also of your privileges.

3. Go home and relax

Is work the one that makes you feel overwhelmed? The relationship with your boy is already unsustainable and you have been fighting for three hours? Does your mom seem ready to argue? In that case, get out of the situation.

It’s not that you run away, just that you take some time to be alone and calm the mood The longer you stay in that situation, the more likely it is for someone to say something they do not really feel.

Arrive home, make tea or coffee and take a nap or a bath. Later you can analyze what happened and see what is really happening. This serves to calm the moods and cool things down.

You will see that the next day everything is less negative and you can make better decisions.