Using Instagram to Promote Business

Instagram the latest entrant in the field of social media has caught the attention of users quiet rapidly. Not only is the application used for photo and video sharing by people it also has become a perfect marketing tool for many companies. Any business be it big or small, product or a service related having an online presence is imperative to cut the competition. Instagram can be a great platform in achieving this as on an average millions of people access the application to comment and share the posts. The more comments the post has the more higher it will trend making it more discoverable to others. Since this opens up channels to gain more customers some companies engage third party companies to promote their posts. Bought comments from such sources if genuine can become an excellent marketing tool for your service or product.

There are various benefits of using instagram as a marketing tool and few of them are listed below. The platform gives a wider reach as reports suggest by now there’re more than 700 million active users using the application. Since the application is owned by another social media giant Facebook it becomes an added advantage of targeting its users as well. Instagram is all about visual content therefore it becomes a great tool to imprint your brand value in the minds of the potential customers. A good visual content be it video or pictures generates huge number of comments from individual users other than the bought comments from the third party sources.  Instagram was initially developed for mobile devices with the desktop version being incorporated much later. This makes your service or product easily available for the consumer even when he is on the go.

The application has a quiet user friendly interface with all the latest technical capabilities. This has made it a popular social networking application after Facebook. Hence this can be a good addition to any company’s marketing strategies to reach a wider audience. Other then advantages there are certain misconceptions about the application that should be cleared. It is not always about visual products since it is a video and photo sharing app. One can be creative enough to market services as well. Another highly prevalent misconception is that it is only for big brands which are not true. Even small businesses can engage in video marketing with instagram without having to shell out a large budget. Lastly we can conclude by saying that Instagram is an excellent marketing tool.