Take A Leap In Your Life With Online Meditation Courses

We all are aware of the immense benefits of meditation and somewhere, deep down inside, we all want to incorporate meditation in our daily life to experience the benefits. Due to lack of time, habit, inner drive, and knowledge, we keep avoiding it even though we know it is not the right thing to do. Meditation has the power of transforming life and changing characters. Since for most of us, physically going to meditation classes is not possible as we all are dead busy in life and time is such a constraint, we can opt for an online meditation course. Make a new beginning of your life next year as One Mind Dharma brings you intriguing online meditation courses starting from January 2018. The courses will go at your own pace, and hence, the learning will be interesting and fruitful.

Why Should You Opt For One Mind Dharma?

You can learn and practice meditation sitting at the comfort of your home at your desired timings. It will start as a compulsion for some and then slowly turn into a pleasant habit. The courses provide all the materials online such as video talks, personal interaction with a teacher and different practices for evaluation. At the end of every meditation class, you will be provided those practices to check your progress and for self-inspection. Most importantly, once you buy an online meditation course, it will never expire which means you can revisit the lessons any time in future. As a matter of fact, your entire family can benefit from it.

What Are The Courses Offered?

All the different types of meditation courses are available starting from the basic ones to the most advanced practices. You can opt for any of the following courses –

  • Introduction to Buddhism – The theoretical knowledge of Buddhism and their meditation techniques.
  • The Basics of Mediation – Posture, timing, location for meditation, mindfulness, concentration, obstacles and daily practices.
  • Establishing Mindfulness – Four foundations of mindfulness, walking meditation, how to establish mindfulness in meditation.
  • Opening the Heart – Meditation practices for achieving the four qualities of the heart as taught by Buddha.
  • Relieving Stress – Understanding stress and daily meditation practices for stress-relief.
  • Practices for Two – Meditation practices for couples and family members and practices to cultivate qualities in relationships and interactions.
  • Investigating the Truths – A complete understating of Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path as taught by Buddha. Converting teachings into meditation practices.
  • Breathing with Awareness – Breathing exercise and meditation practices for mindfulness and concentration.

You can avail any of these online meditation courses from One Mind Karma as per your requirements, and within a few days of practicing, you can see the visible difference in yourself.