How to Buy a Lot of Items in Apex Legends

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Items in Apex Legends

Apex Legends already proved its worth with ten million players and counting. It is appealing to many because of its innovative and free features. For those that will stick around, the game’s currencies and microtransactions will be the key to new characters and skins.

When it comes to currencies, there are three different types with varied uses and ways to earn them. Before you consider apex legends coins hack, you should first understand how to buy a lot of items in Apex Legends.

Crafting Metals

When you open Apex Packs, you can unlock cosmetic items. Remember that every tier of skin will cost the same amount of Crafting Metals. For instance, Legendary skins will cost you 1,200 while Epic skins cost you 400. As with the Rare skins, it will cost you 60 and finally, the Common skins will cost you 30.

Technically, this currency is free because you can earn Apex Packs by playing the game but if you want to have more Crafting Metals, you can purchase Apex Packs using real money. This will depend on how much you are in a rush to get many cosmetics.

Legend Tokens

This is completely free because you earn them for every match that you play. This will allow you to unlock characters as well as store exclusive cosmetics. There are different kinds of cosmetics that you can only purchase through Legend Tokens.

When you start, you only have six (of eight) characters unlocked. You can unlock the remaining (Mirage and Caustic) with Legend Tokens – or by using real-world money. The cost of every character is 12,000 Legend Tokens. You only earn 600 Legend Token every time you level up so this means it takes up to 20 levels before you earn a character but if you consider apex legends hack, you can earn Legend quickly.

Apex Coins

You can pay for Apex Coins or you can consider apex legends cheat for coins. For 1000 Apex Coins, you pay $9.99. For higher bundles like $19.99, you get 2,150 Apex Coins. Apex Coins can also be used to buy Apex Packs, which cost 100 per pack. This will give you the opportunity to gain different types of loot.

open Apex Packs

For new players, there is something called Founder’s Pack. The pack will cost you $29.99 and it includes 2,000 Apex Coins, weapon skin, character skin, banner frames, and one founder’s badge.

What’s the alternative?

By considering apex legends free coins, you can earn more money quickly. Aside from that, you can also build your Legend Token immediately. With this, you will not spend a lot of coins for Legends that you really desire.

Aside from free coins, apex legends aimbot should be considered. This is a tool that automatically directs guns and shoots for easy skills. It also tracks targets allowing the players to collect lots of kills. More importantly, it can deal with a lot of damage regardless of the gun and the range.

If you want to be the best, you should read this text:

  • Be with your squad: put in mind that Apex Legends is a team game. This means you have to stick with your team and be with your squad for better gameplay. If you are alone and you are ambushed, it is futile to fight outnumbered. To increase your chances of survival, it is ideal to be with the team at all times.
  • Be mindful of your role: at the onset, there are three Legends in a squad with different skillsets, which complement every squad member. With this, it is crucial that you remember your role so you can perform certain tasks efficiently.
  • Get acquainted with the ping system: the ping system is applauded because of its function. It allows you to communicate with the squad without using verbal communication. There are eight ping options you can utilise.
  • Share the loot: as much as you want to haul every item you come across, it is not possible. With this, you should learn how to ping so you can share your loot. It is a good practice to ping the loot before you leave – your squadmates might have a use for the items.
  • Pay attention to your environment: this battle royale game that hosts sixty players every match – anything is possible. There will always be a variable but you can counter it by going on around and observing the environment. In Apex Legends, listening and analysing sounds are important. As long as you keep your ears open for gunshots and footsteps, you can identify where your enemies are and prepare the first strike – or even plan your escape. Sometimes it helps if you consider apex legends cheats.

Final words

Considering apex legends hack tool can significantly improve your gameplay. If you want to be the best, you should find ways. With the right tools, tips, and attitude, you will surely emerge victoriously.