The Truth About Bryndis Helgadottir

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Truth About Bryndis Helgadottir

Bryndis Helgadottir has been a household name of the amount of extortion scam that has been connected to her name. It was said she managed to get as much as $3 million. That’s a lot of money in my opinion. Some Internet sites labelled her as a serial gold digger targeting rick men under her web of lies and deceits.

extortion scam

What did she do?

Perhaps what makes this scam global in scope is for the mere fact that one she was an ex-model and second this was not done once but many times. Ozen Rajneesh, 58 years old was able to document his experience with this beauty but not in a good way.

The said ex-model lived with Ozen for three months from May to July 2017. In spite of the short number of moneys together, she has managed to steal quite a lot from his host. During this time frame, she has managed to steal money, jewelries and precious stones. Apart from these treasures, she was also able to get contracts for car and even apartments and extorting as much as $3 million worth of property assets of the Ozen Resort. Ozen Resort is premier luxury and all inclusive resort.

What happened next

However, such plan of Bryndis fail. Her attempts to extract the resort documents as a prenuptial agreement came spiralling down. Because of such, she went abusive. She throws threats and even stole diamonds and cash from the resort all were part of gifts for the wedding. She even became revengeful in the hope to extort Ozen by sending threats. Apart from that she has this hacker partner that help fabricate lies and even create defamatory tabloid articles. In the media, and in the news, there have been issues about claims on sexual relationships with Ozen.

There’s even criminal attempt to defame him and even women claiming they have been raped.

Evidences show that this Bryndis is in the order side of the wall. There’s this model friend of hers who exposes her as a fraud. She has been lying to everyone. She is into sex and drugs in the hope of finding the one. The one that can provide her with the things she needs. She keeps on chasing rich men and tends to make stories to make her the victim.

This intrigue is still far from over. Considering the kind of connection Bryndis has, Ozen is also the one who will not back down.