Backpack On Burning Wheels

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Backpack On Burning Wheels


Carrying around heavy backpacks with your hands and sometimes struggling with those heavy backpacks on your back (excuse the irony). Yes all this manual work will make you physically strong but is that your goal and objective when you are travelling for a nice vacation and a break from all the hassle of your everyday life. Since getting stronger is not your goal, then it is not a good idea to be travelling around with a backpack that is heavy and uncomfortable and a hindrance rather than being a help. You may not have that much money with you right now to afford taxis and would want to explore the place you travelled to on foot and make an adventure out of it. You cannot perform this without any issues with a heavy and annoying backpack with you. Out came the backpack with wheels from the backpack store at 60 mph and straight to your face to show you that the new back pack comes with wheels for you adventurous travels and to be of a great help than an obnoxious hindrance.

backpack with wheels

The Wheeled Backpack

The backpack with wheels performs all your luggage duties with ease. Now you do not have to worry about leaving your belongings in the hotel room you are staying at even though the sign clearly said, ‘take care of your belongings! We are not responsible for any loss of property.’ You can just carry or should we say wheel out your backpack wherever you go. It is lightweight and strong at the same time with a huge compartment in the front that can be opened fully to reveal all the inside contents. There is also a mesh that separates the one side of the huge compartment with that of the other. It is very spacious and can fit anything from your shoes to your travel and hiking clothes as well. There are a set of zip-away straps that help you to hook up the backpack on your back for a temporary period in case you want to go through a non-wheel friendly area such as gravel road or have to climb a huge flight of stairs. Is there anything that this backpack cannot do? Except for the obvious stairs and gravel road. Even then the backpack maybe strong enough to withstand those situations but for safety purposes do not try it.


In case you are wondering if you should gift your travel loving wife, or friend, or sister a wheeled backpack, then you would have made the best decision of your life and that would be the best gift they could have possibly gotten from you. Give it a try.