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Watch GAA online

Are seeking for the platform where you can Watch GAA online, then visit This is an incredible platform for watching the GAA Hurling Championship. This championship is the traditional game of Ireland, and many people wait for this championship to be started. The first time GAA Hurling played in the year of 1887. This game is very dangerous and requires full fitness of the body. This game is very fast and the ball run in the ground at the speed of 170 mph, so players have to run fast to reach the ball and score for their team.

The main sponsor of this game is Bord Gais Energy, Littlewoods Ireland, and Centra. Every year thousands of volunteers help to organize this event. In this championship, there are many counties which take part in this game and show their hurling skills and win the trophy to make their county proud. If you live in Ireland and a big fan of GAA championship, then you can watch the live matches at the platform of RTE which is the official broadcaster for streaming the matches of GAA Hurling championship.

GAA hurling

Radio Broadcast:

If you are in the office and school, then you can also listen to the match commentary through the radio platform. The RTE is the official broadcaster of the championship and streams the live matches on internet, television, and radio, etc. Listening to the radio commentary is also the best option for knowing what’s happening in the game and you can do your office work as well as listen to the commentary of the match. So your office work will not suffer, and you also don’t miss any match during your office work. In Ireland, you can easily listen to the radio broadcast of a match in the frequency of 252. The UK users can also listen to the radio at the frequency of 252 long waves and 15320 kHz frequency for the African user. The incredible thing is that you don’t have to pay any amount of money to listen to the live match of GAA.

Social Media platform to Watch GAA online:

  • Facebook: Subscribe the official page of RTE, so that you don’t miss any updates form this platform. They are the main broadcaster for live streaming matches of GAA hurling.
  • Twitter: This is an incredible platform where you can easily find great content of anything. If you want to find out about the GAA hurling, then search the #GAA in the search bar you will get plenty of pages where you can watch a match.