Habits that ruin your fitness

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There is a common belief amongst fitness enthusiasts that once you have started on the fitness road, nothing can ruin it. You are regular and making progress day after day. Your body is responding well too so nothing should go wrong.

It generally shouldn’t, but sometimes it does. This can happen due to habits you frequent throughout the day just like you frequent your gym.

good fitness routine

So what are these fatal habits that can ruin a good fitness routine?

1- Lack of Sleep

Exercise is all good, but you can reap little benefit from it if you don’t get your daily dose of optimum sleep. Smartphones have brought about a culture of nightlife that keeps you up till late. The following day, you need to be up for work, hence greatly compromising on your sleep.

2- Junk eating

If you can take time out to exercise, be sure to make time for eating healthy. If your house fitness is good and you are working out so hard and then dumping in all sorts of junk food, chances are your body will stay in the cycle of burning out those harmful fats forever.

3- Eating at the wrong time

Eating well and eating at the right time are both equally important. Say you have a late night snack. You are both ruining your sleep, digestive system and the workout you did the day before. Eat early and sleep early to stay energized.

4- Dehydration

Just as your sleep, workout, and food are important, your drink is important too. Make sure to get at least 8 glasses of water every day. If you are practicing heavy workouts, make sure to have even more. You can never get enough benefits of water

5- Over gyming

While you are at it, make sure you take it slowly. If you end up exhausting yourself, your workouts may do you more harm than good. Overly tiring yourself can cause you fatigue, weaken your immune system and dampen your spirits for the next session. It can also result in sleep disturbances. So practice moderately.

Sometimes your house fitness might simply be the best solution. You could also alternate between gym and house workouts. The key is, practice good habits to maintain your fitness for it’s not just about training, it’s about changing your life.