Kik is a new method of text messaging

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Kik is a new messenger tool which is used as a communication forum by the teenagers who love to chat. There are a lot of messenger services which are available for the mobile phones, but this messenger is a text message service meant exclusively for the smart phone users. It is different from the other messaging services. This messenger can not only send messages but also can notify the sender that the message was delivered to the recipient and read by him. It happens many times that we send messages but the recipient’s mobile remain switched off.

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By using this service the sender knows whether the messages sent are read by the receiver or not and in this way the sender is avoided from sending repeated text messages. It is a great platform for people who want to chat with unknown people without sharing his personal phone number. The only thing you need to share is your usernames kik. This allows the users to share, text and chat with each other safely. It has cute emotions too that are used to express feelings at the time of texting.

Benefits of the messenger

Unlike other messenger services, this application offers group chatting. You can create your own chat group and chat with each other simultaneously. Along with simultaneous chatting, you can also talk privately to a person. So, if you want to tell someone something important, you just need to text once. It works very fast as it sends messages at a much faster rate in comparison to the normal text messages. You can also send pictures during a call. With this messenger tool, lovers and couples always feel the presence of one another and stay connected even when they are away from each other physically.

Kik is a must-have app for the Android mobile phone users

Social messaging apps have become hugely popular these days. People have stopped using the SMS feature as the messaging apps offer a lot of exciting options. You can now share pictures, multimedia messages, do video chats and a lot of other stuff. KiK is a messenger tool that has similar features like WhatsApp but it is much more secure. With this app, you do not require any number to contact a person. You are just required to remember usernames kik to chat with a person. Moreover, this app can work on Andriod, iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows 8.