Types of impact wrenches

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Have you ever lost your mind and a good day because of a few nuts and bolts? If yes, then you definitely need to buy an impact wrench. These wrenches are mechanical tools that will help you tighten or loosen nuts and bolts with ease. They work based on the concept of torque which is a rotational force. Sometimes, the bolts can get tightened over the time or lose most of its top part making it difficult for regular wrenches to have a good grip on them and make them move.

Also, manually trying to fix nuts and bolts may cost you a lot more than money- your time, energy, and patience. Hiring a mechanic just to fix some bolts can cost you a lot and you cannot leave the scary loose bolts hanging in there like a knife over your head. If you try to do it by yourself, you may end up with broken tools and bloody fingers. In case of mechanics and professionals, not having an impact wrench can bring your productivity down, thereby causing a decline in your profit.

These wrenches work in short bursts which are called “impacts” which got them the name. The impacts happen at intervals around 5 seconds. Based on the energy source that runs their motor, these wrenches are divided into three as mentioned below. You need to choose the right one according to your needs.

·        Air powered

Air powered wrenches need to be connected to a constant supply of compressed air. These were the type of wrenches that were first used and still strive strong because of their power and ability to get the work done superfast. These are used in totally professional environments and during car races so that the tires are changes as soon as possible. They are a bit bulky because of the air compressor and are not suitable for small spaces.

·        Electricity powered

Electricity powered wrenches need to be connected to a socket that will provide constant supply of electricity. These are not as robust as air powered wrenches but can be used in repair shops and other places where they are used frequently. DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists are attracted to them because they are comparatively cheaper than the other types.

·        Battery powered

Battery powered wrenches biggest advantage is that they are portable. These are the most suitable wrenches for uses at your home where you don’t need to use them on a daily basis. These wrenches can be used easily and even with one hand. They can be used in spaces that are compact and you don’t need to stay in uncomfortable positions to get your work done. However, the only disadvantage they have is their heavy weight because of the battery.