Stunning Views! Superb Atmosphere! Stellar Price

town serviced apartment

Oootopia is one of the finest hotels situated nearby Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal which is right in the heart of Hong Kong City with the stellar views of the Harbour and botanical gardens. We offer a guest a unique and art-inspired living moment that is perfect for both professionals and families. The Perfect stay is fulfilled with the panoramic view of the harbour which enables you to enjoy the stay every day. From carrying the separate shuttle to enjoying public transports you can enjoy the stellar views of the city

Are you a food lover and who doesn’t enjoy eating in cuisines? Yes, of course, you are provided a multi-utility cooking space with tabletop cookware with easily accessible grocery stores. These serviced furnished and unfurnished apartments suit the categories of single, couple, and family living where you are offered with all this living choose the best option for your kind of stay. We offer homey comforts with free Wi-Fi available 24X7. The kennedy town serviced apartment offers the comfort rooms and the perfect place to chill and enjoy the town after all your hustle meetings and busy day which makes you stay again in Oootopia.

When everyone is in search of the Hotels for their stay but you are the person who chooses to stay in our serviced apartments in satisfying your needs we offer most loyal amenities with the best price in the town. You can enjoy indoors with your favorite movies in front of your television in the private way you want also whether you want to do outdoor jogging to indoor yoga this would be the best place to enjoy the stay in the healthier and safest pattern. From last-minute cancellation plans to immediate extended days of the room you stay we offer the entire pattern at your comfort.