Renowned battery for numerous power applications

In modern years, homeowners have become more concerned with backup power solutions. Severe climate events have expanded the necessity for backup power. Like any new technology, lithium ion or Li-ion cells and batteries have their benefits and disadvantages. Notice the choice of whether to use a lithium ion battery or cell is reliant on examining and weighing up the different benefits and drawbacks to see whether they give an actual benefit. A choice can then be made about the right type or setup to use.

There are many advantages to use a Li-ion cell of battery and for drawbacks visit These li-ion battery advantages include:

  • Great energy density.The copious greater energy density is one of the main benefits of a lithium ion battery or cell. With electronic apparatus such as mobile phones needing to operate between charges while still needing more power, there is continuously a want for batteries with a much higher energy density. In response to this, there are countless applications from power tools to electric vehicles. The much higher power density, accessible by lithium ion batteries, is a discrete advantage.
  • Self-discharge. One issue with batteries and cells is that they drop their total charge over time. This self-discharge can be a foremost concern. One improvement of lithium ion cells is that their amount of self-discharge is much more minor than that of other rechargeable cells such as Ni-Cad and NiMH types.
  • No requirement for priming. Some rechargeable cells need to be primed when they accept their first charge. There is no prerequisite for this with lithium ion cells and batteries.
  • Low maintenance. One main lithium ion battery benefit is that they do not need any maintenance to safeguard their performance. Ni-Cad cells require a periodic discharge to confirm that they do not display the memory effect. As this does not concern lithium ion cells, this process or other comparable maintenance procedures are not mandatory.
  • Multiplicity of batteries available. There are abundant types of lithium ion cells accessible. This benefit of lithium ion batteries can mean that the correct technology can be used for the specific application needed. Some forms of lithium ion battery offer a high current density and are supreme for customer mobile electronic equipment. Others are capable of offering much higher current levels and are used for power tools and electric vehicles.