Manage you documents using a document management system hk

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A document management system is a system that centrally manages image data scanned from a large number of paper documents and electronic documents created with word or excel. In this article, we will compare the recommended products of the document management system at once, and explain the basic functions and points of selection.

What is a document management system?

Document management is the practice of storing documents (paper and electronic) created in the course of business and managing them for editing. A document management system is a system that has the function of storing and managing documents that have been digitized among documents (paper and electronic). Forms of provision include on-premises, packaged software, and the cloud. However, in recent years, cloud type that is easy to introduce at low cost is becoming mainstream.

What is the need for a document management system?

Companies have a variety of documents, including reports, manuals, and regulations. To efficiently manage these documents, we use a document management system like that of kofax hk. But why do we need a document management system? We will explain the necessity of this.

Document management systems don’t just help make offices paperless. Another merit of the introduction is that the information accumulated so far can be used as a knowledge base by creating and storing documents, searching, version control, etc. Such documents must be thoroughly managed to prevent loss. If it is digitized and managed using a document management system hk, then it can not only be centrally managed but also stored for a long time.

Reduction of security risks such as information leakage and falsification

If documents are properly managed, the risk of information leakage and tampering can be reduced. For example, by appropriately defining the authority to view and update documents, you can enhance security by increasing confidentiality.