How Pheromones Are Communicated

One way in which animals communicate using pheromones is to deposit a pheromone secretion on the ground, on some object, or even on another animal. This action creates what is called a scent mark.

Pheromone Scent Marks

Scent marks have the advantage of communicating information even after the animal making the mark has departed. These pheromone messages serve different purposes. For instance, scent marks can act as a warning to other animals, in effect saying “Keep away!” They also aid in attracting potential mates to an area. When used in this way, they are able to give specific information about the sex, age, and social position of the individual who made the marks.

Some animals leave behind scent marks as they travel from place to place. Many kinds of deer have pheromone glands near the bases of their hooves. With each step, they deposit a scent mark, thus producing a trail of pheromones wherever they go.

Other animals take a more active role in creating scent marks. Rabbits use the pheromone secretion from their chin glands to mark an entire array of objects in their environment. They apply pheromones not only to branches and tufts of grass near their home but also to the entrances of their underground burrows, to other adult rabbits in their group, and to their young.

They may even stand up on their hind legs to mark high objects. Cats have scent glands around their mouths and on their foreheads. When cats rub their faces against people and objects, they leave behind scent marks that only other cats can detect.

Many animals make scent marks using their own feces or urine. These animals have glands that add pheromones to the waste products as they pass from their bodies. Dogs and wolves are well known for their habit of marking objects with urine.

Bison and brown bears urinate on the ground to create pheromone-saturated mud. After rolling in this mud, they rub up against trees, coating trunks, and branches with their special pheromone messages.

Pheromones In Humans

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