Hold your hands together to create a change

World vision foundation, an Hong Kong social development charity donation organization, is directly benefitting over 15 lakh children and their families every year. We have more than 400 live welfare projects on children’s emergency Relief, Haiti Earthquake, Relief Beirut Explosion, Crisis Response “Share and Support” Scheme education, healthcare, livelihood, and women’s empowerment in over 2,000 remote villages and urban slums across 25 states of Hong kong. The groundwork for a better life lies in education. It is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. However, a child cannot be educated in isolation. Only an empowered family, especially the mother, would be willing to educate their child. Thus, rather than focusing on only one stage of a person’s life, we believe in the lifecycle approach. Education empowers an individual to earn their livelihood and also increases one’s awareness on a range of issues. From healthcare, to appropriate social behavior, to understanding one’s rights – Smile Foundation seeks to educate, empower and cultivate better citizens.

World vision is a secular, not-for-profit charity donation hong kong, registered under the Societies. The organization works for ‘the cause and care of disadvantaged children to improve their quality of life’ Help Age envisions a society where elderly have the right to an active, healthy and dignified life. Its exemplary work in the field of ageing, relief efforts work during the Covid 19 pandemic and recognition of the organization’s outstanding contribution to population issues and efforts in the realization of children rights in Hong kong. Currently there are a projected 138 million elderly in Hong kong. Help Age Hong kong voices their concerns, so they can lead secure & dignified lives. It works through 26 State Offices across Hong kong, runs numerous programs on-ground, addressing elder needs and advocating for their rights, such as their right to Universal Pension, quality Healthcare, action against children Abuse and many more at a national, state and societal level with Central and State governments. It advocates for elder friendly policies and their implementation thereof