Facility Management: Turning Threats into Opportunities

master facilities management

According to the Ministry of Business, Commerce and Employment, in May 2009, the number of layoffs increased by 226% compared to the same period in 2008, which is a shocking statistic. You may be sure in your current role, but the reality is that most people will meet someone who has been affected by the recent wave of layoffs. To date, not many sectors have remained unscathed.

However, and more positively, facilities management is currently one of the fastest growing professions.

The workplaces of the facility managers cover a wide range of activities within the created environment of the organization and the management of its impact on people and the workplace. At the corporate level, this function contributes to the development of strategic and operational criteria and objectives. On a daily basis, the effective management of the facilities provides a safe and productive work environment that is essential for the efficiency and success of any business, regardless of its size and volume.

master facilities management

In the field of master facilities management, the number of qualified specialists continues to grow steadily. Although the competition of qualified immigrants has also grown together, this, of course, is not entirely damned and bleak. Recruiters who specialize in asset management positions now see that employers actively recruit employees with a much greater number of temporary and permanent roles in asset management.


Given the diversity of jobs for institution managers, there are often career opportunities for people from all walks of life. There are industry qualifications, but don’t let them get discouraged, since the work of the team manager allows you to transfer and use existing skills and strengths in many ways.