Expert Tips For Capturing Cityscapes Perfectly At Night

The visual appearance of a city is mesmerizing at night. As the night gets deeper, there are better chances of taking some of the taking photographs you have ever clicked. It is a common fact that photographers always prefer a night over a day when it comes to taking stunning photographs because of the illusions artificial lights can create. With right techniques, you can capture unique city landscapes at night that will take your photography to the next level. Furthermore, you can use Photolemur 2.2 Spectre to make your photo exceptional instantly.

outstanding photos

  1. Multiple Exposures

Cityscapes have different ranges of artificial lighting which make certain areas very bright while others stay the darkest. Your camera will not be able to capture scenes perfect with such high contrast and that is why you need to take multiple exposures of the same scene. There must be ‘auto-bracketing’ option in your camera to achieve this multiple exposure technique.

  1. Aperture Priority

If you explore all the different modes your camera offer to shoot photos, you will come across two modes specifically, manual and aperture priority. Aperture priority mode is ideal for capturing stunning cityscapes as it lowers ISO, keeps the shutter speed optimal if case the light is low and adjusts the aperture accordingly. Naturally, you will get sharp, clean and outstanding photos of your city at night.

  1. Manual Focusing

Even though auto-focus has reached new levels in most of the modern photography cameras, there is nothing better than manual focusing when it comes to capturing cityscapes at night. It will provide sharper images especially when the surrounding light is low. All you have to do is get into Live View mode and zoom into your area of focus and then adjust the focus ring till you get the best tuned focus.

  1. Light Trails

Light trails are the heart of stunning cityscapes as the take photos to the next level. All you have to do is extend your shutter speed to 30 seconds and use a small aperture. Timing is also important to capture as many lights as possible. Once you have some ideal exposures, it is time to take a base exposure with normal photo shooting. Then you have to use 2.2 Spectre to put the layers of light trail exposures to the base exposure and you are done.

  1. The Glasses

To capture cityscapes, you need to get to the top of a long building and you most probably have to see through a glass to capture your desired cityscape. Glasses reflect interior lights and causes flares. Hence, you need to place your lens close to the glass and use a dark cloth to encase it. If the glass has scratches and dirt spots, use a large aperture to overcome the problem.

Keep these five tips in mind and try your photographic hands at capturing some mind-blowing cityscapes at night.