CoQ10: Is It a Miracle Supplement or Just Waste of Money?

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CoQ10, is the naturally antioxidant, which we need for energy. However, we still do not know if CoQ10 supplements are very effective or not. Antioxidant coenzyme Q10 can be found in most of the living things as well as is used by the cells to process our energy and work in a right way. The naturally occurring CoQ10 supplements decreases when we age, and as per National Institutes of Health, many diseases & genetic disorders are linked with, however not essentially caused by, the low CoQ10 levels, including cancers and heart disease. CoQ10 is accessible as the supplement, whether this supplement improves your heart function and other health conditions is controversial. Let us know more about this supplement in detail.

What does coq10 do?

Our body cells make use of CoQ10 to help and turn the energy that we consume from the carbohydrates in adenosine triphosphate, form of energy that our cells will actually use to do many important functions in our body. ATP is important for the bones, healthy metabolism, and muscle and neurological functioning.Many of us ask for what does coq10 do? it actually functions as the antioxidant with the vitamins E & C and selenium that will help to prevent from free radical damage in our cells.

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How Much of CoQ10 We Require?

Our body produces CoQ10 supplement naturally in quantities that is enough to prevent any kind of deficiency, and there are no symptoms linked to the CoQ10 deficiency are observed in general population. Around one-quarter of CoQ10 in person’s blood is thought to come from the dietary sources, with rest made internally. Poultry, fish and meat, are predominant sources of the coenzyme Q10. So far, other promising uses for the CoQ10 supplements (with different levels of the supporting evidence) will include:

  • Enhancing our immune system in people with AIDS and HIV
  • Helping to treat the high blood pressure & heart failure
  • Reducing the high cholesterol in the blood
  • Improving the symptoms of the chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Treating any gum disease
  • Helping in treatment of the cancer and protection of the organs from any toxic chemotherapy drugs
  • Helping the patients having Alzheimer’s disease
  • Treating age macular degeneration, condition that can cause vision loss among older adults
  • Increasing motility and sperm count
  • Preventing and treating the migraine headaches
  • Treating the Parkinson’s disease

None of the uses for CoQ10 are proven to work; however research suggests that taking CoQ10 supplement in the appropriate doses (of 30 – 200 mg every day for the adults) is very safe. It is very important to note about coenzyme q10 dosage recommendations that kids must not take CoQ10 supplement unless under supervision of your doctor.